River Terrace Apartments

River Terrace Apartments (158th Street & Riverside Drive Housing Co.) is a 431 unit Mitchell-Lama Cooperative located in Uptown Manhattan on Riverside Drive West between 155th and 158th Streets. Situated in historic Audubon Terrace, the building straddles Harlem and Washington Heights communities.  Known for it’s stunning views, and  friendly neighbors, it has also been the home of many prominent New York Activists, Politicians, Artists, Doctors, Athletes and Scholars including in it’s ranks the first Black Mayor of New York City, The first Black Fire Commissioner of New York City, and the first Woman New York City Deputy Police Commissioner. The current community maintains active local political engagement and is one most Energy-Forward New York City Residences with a combination of Natural Gas, Solar, LED, Water Efficiency and CoGeneration technologies being employed to reduce energy expenses and carbon footprint.


Front Entrance

Riverside Park


Front Gates